I’d like to apologize for all of the poems lately- I’ve been feeling poetic and they’ve been replacing my usual posts.  I’ll probably post something usefull in a few days.  Anyway, this one is a sonnet which wasn’t easy, so I hope you like it.

Ignorance is blind, the world so hazy,

Seeing only what is lovely and kind:

A brook, rainbow, mountain, or a daisy,

The stars above, the beauty in one’s mind.


‘Tis a gentle thing, to see just a dream,

The world at its best, all troubles away.

Everything is magic, so it may seem-

In this mindset, I wish I could stay.


But ignorance will never change the Earth.

That lovely brook contains death in its flow;

The rainbow? From the cruel storm came its birth;

The mountain has buried souls in its snow.


Even the daisy, in its quiet sweet

Will be plucked from the ground and face its end;

And the stars, gazed at from the silent street

Are large balls of flame waiting to ascend.


‘Tis often said that ignorance is bliss,

But when cloaked by its mask, what do we miss?