Is Following Your Dream Really Worth it?

Before I get into the bulk of this post, I’d like to take a minute and apologize for the lack of posts lately- I came down with a pretty bad cold accompanied by a fever, and I’m just now getting on my feet.

Anyway, this post isn’t what I originally had planned for today, but it’s been on my mind lately… is following your dream really worth it?

Let me elaborate.  As long as I can remember, my dream has been to travel.  I have countless places on my bucket list (maybe I’ll do a post on that someday), but one that is especially important to me is Paris.  Ever since was a child, I’d wanted to live in France.  Then, in middle school when I started taking French classes, I absolutely fell in love with the French and Parisian culture.  I remember the French classes took a trip to Paris over spring break- I wanted to go so badly, and I tried to start selling my things and starting “businesses” and asking for donations, but it never happened.  Fast forward a few years, and here I am, thinking about college.

There a few that I think would be a good match for me, but one jumps out the most: The American University of Paris.  It’s beautiful; every single one of their degree programs are ones I’ve considered for a career, including environmental science, film studies, history, politics, writing, and literature; and it’s in the city of my dreams.  Everything about it is everything I’ve always wanted, except one thing: the price.

It is crazy expensive and way beyond my price range.  I know there are plenty of options including financial aid and student loans, but it will still be extremely difficult.  And if I did make it happen, here’s what it would look like: constant part-time jobs, leading to an extremely busy schedule with no time (or money) to explore the city; most likely a degree in English that may not even get me anywhere; no money for a plane ticket to visit my family in the U.S.; and a lifetime of student loans that would prevent me from living out the rest of my dreams.

This brings me to the underlying question: is it worth it?  It’s my dream, but will my life really be better if I find a way to make it happen?  People often say to follow your dreams, to never let anything stop you, especially finances, but I don’t know if that is really the best option.  The picture I see of my struggles in Paris isn’t ideal, but is it worse to not even try?

When I imagine my life at some other boring, affordable college, living in a dorm, taking classes in some tedious subject that will lead to a tedious yet “successful” career, never getting a chance to travel and live out my dreams, it makes me shudder, more so than living out my dreams on a tight budget.  I understand it isn’t “exciting but poor life” or “boring but financially safe life”- nothing is black or white like that, but it certainly feels that way.

What do you think?


The Power of Dreams


Never underestimate your dreams- they can take you to amazing places.

This probably seems pretty random, but I have a reason for posting this. The other night, I had a remarkable dream. It was about a queen, and I was her lady-in-waiting… I can’t describe it how it really was, but it inspired my next book. I’ll finish the one I’m working on first, but I’m really excited about this one.

Like most dreams, it was pretty abstract at first, but after thinking it over, it made more sense. After talking it through with my friend, it developed into an entire plot for a novel, and I think it’s very unique.

I’ll have more information on my progress once I start (although it may be awhile), but I wanted to let you all know that your dreams can do amazing things. People often find that as you get older, your creativity is completely squashed out of you. That may be what you think, but your subconscious is capable of a lot more than you’d think; give it a chance.  It may surprise you.

What do you think?  Have you had any inspiring dreams?