Today, I am happy.


Today, I am happy.

Today, I see the beauty in the world,

The beauty so many are blind to,

The beauty often forgotten in the midst of life.

Today, I am free.

Free to run,

Run as far as my body will carry me,

Run to the end of the world and back.

Free to fly,

To leave the world behind

And live in my dreams.

Today, I am beautiful.

As I stare at my body in the mirror,

I don’t see the imperfections.

I’m not pretty, I’m not flawless,

But I am beautiful.

Today, I am fearless.

Because I know that I can overcome anything,

And I can take whatever this world may offer

And more,

Because I am powerful, courageous, and strong.

Today, I am at peace.

The world is beautiful, and I see it.

Today, I know that everyone has a plan,

And I know that mine will be wonderful.

Today, I know that I am not alone.

My soul mate is out there,

And someday, we’ll find each other.

Today, I will dance

To the beat of my heart,

To the music of life,

To the rhythm of the Earth.

Today, I am happy.


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