Closet Organization for the New Year

I started a blog series about ways to keep organized during the New Year– I know that’s definitely one of my resolutions.  Here is the second tip: closet organizing!

It’s definitely something I’ve struggled with, but I’m here to help you all out.  One thing I’m trying this year is this:


Flip your hangers backwards so the hooks face you.  When you wear something, put it back in with the hook facing in.  That way, at the end of 2014, you can donate anything you haven’t worn in a year :)

Another tip (which you can sort of see in the picture) is that I organize my clothes by color, that way I can form outfits pretty quickly.  It’s convenient, but the problem is that with so many patterned clothes, rainbow order gets pretty difficult.

Anyway, good luck and let me know in the comments how it goes!  (And stay tuned for some fun with super bowl snacks haha)


Any thoughts?

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