Snowy Winter Days and a Cup of Calm


Today, I was lucky enough to have been snowed in and taken a day off.  I’ve never been much for winter- I’m always telling myself I’ll move somewhere sunny- but I realized I’ve forgotten why I love the cold and the snow.  This morning, I played relaxing music, curled up in a few fuzzy blankets with a cup of Cran-Apple Green Tea, a winter favorite, and worked on writing my book in front of the window.  I have to say, it reminded me why I love this type of weather.

My mid-morning relaxation inspired me to project my thoughts to others, and I decided to start a blog.  I’ve always wanted to, but I never have had a real, successful blog.  I’d like to write about…well, a lot.  Fashion, DIY, cooking, art, music, writing, the list goes on.

Chances are, I’ll be home tomorrow as well, so I’m hoping for more of the same peaceful, calm relaxation, and hopefully more inspiration.


Any thoughts?

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